Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Mid Week Long Run 10.7ks

I'm tapering what do you expect 20ks!

Ran around the block. It's a big block.
10.7ks in 46:50. Average pace of 4:22. Nice and relaxed pace.

Legs felt very good so no problems.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Gunn Island 5klm race

Well it was a personal worst!
Actually it was 5ks in 20:18. Came in third so that was good.
Ran the Gunn Island Runners 5k race.

The light was really bad as it started at 6.30 pm.
I didn't want to hurt an ankle so ran slower than I usually would as I was not sure of shadows or potholes.
The course is also mainly gravel so is not a fast course but is flat.

Met CR greybeard before the start. He is doing the Relay for Life on the weekend of Canberra Marathon. Chose the 3-6 am shift. Good luck with that one.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Yarraville Yonder 20.5ks

Long Run for the week. 2 weeks to go before the Marathon.
So distance was very much down from previous Long runs.
Two weeks ago it was 38ks on Sunday and last week was a half marathon race at MP.

Ran 20.50ks in 1:30:14. Average pace of 4:24.
Did have to run back the 2nd 10ks into a 10 knot headwind so that didn't help.
Should have been faster but I have felt really tired this weekend due to working every day.

Will do the Gunn Island Runners 5k on Tuesday to see if my short speed is any good.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Good Friday 10.2ks

Worked in the morning.

Got out for a run in the afternoon.
Fairly cold and windy day.

Ran 10.2ks in 42:26. Average pace of 4:09 per klm.

A bit faster than what I was aiming at but felt very comfortable anyway.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Speed Session 2x3k reps

1k warm up before starting.

Ran first 3k in 11:49. I was aiming for the 4min/k pace.

Had a 6min walk/jog recovery in between.

Then ran the 3k back into a 15knot breeze in 12:20. A bit slow, but hell that wind was strong.

Did a 1k cool down to finish.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Speed Session 6x1k reps

Very windy when I started my reps. A 10 knot afternoon sea breeze blowing with no humidity.

Did a 1.5k warmup and then started my reps.

3:46; 3:48; 3:47; 3:54; 3:51; 3:53.

Did a 90 second walk recovery between each rep.

Finished off with a 1.5k warm down.

These should get faster the closer I get to Canberra Marathon

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Recovery Run 7.5ks

Light recovery run in the start of the taper.

7.5ks in 43:31. 5:48/per k.
Very slow but legs felt tired from the Half Marathon on Sunday.
And I was just out for a light jog anyway.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Eaglehawk Half Marathon 21.1ks

A great morning up at Eaglehawk just near Bendigo for the half marathon.
Thanks to the organisers and the sponsors.Excellent prizes for the winners in the half and a 10.55klm race. Prizes presented by Malcolm Norwood the Australian Running legend.
The race pack included a loaf of bread, a brooks drink bottle and some energy drink tablets & powder. And that was at the start.

I ran this race to pace for Canberra Marathon in 3 weeks. Have had a light week due to a swollen ankle so I thought I might be a little underdone.Goal was to run at 4:15 per km pace.Worked very well.
Went through the first 10.55klms in 44:37 and finished in 89:51. Average of 4:15 per klm. Very happy with that and a PB by 1:18 seconds.

The course is a 2 lapper and has a long slow hill about the 5k mark which goes for about a k. So you do it twice. Well marshalled, cars were stopped at least 50metres before we came through any intersection.
Finished 17th out of 67 finishers. Plus there was another 40 I think in the 10.55k race.Winner did 71:19.

Met G.T at the start and the finish just back from the King Island race and pacing a friend of his.

Now to start the taper/sharpening for Canberra Marathon.

Friday, March 18, 2005

10k Run

Ran for the first time since Sunday.
Due to swelling in my ankle. It is not the bone or achillies that is sore, its the bit in between the two. Sore to touch.

Ran a slow 10k to see if the ankle would swell up at all.
Did 10.2 k in 47:15. Slow time just wanted to cruise along and check it was ok.
I'll probably find out tomorrow morning how it is.
Ice is on it now to hopefully stop it swelling.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Princes Park Punisher 38.13ks

Work in the morning. Very hot day 35+ in Melbourne.
Started very late but by that stage a cool southerly breeze had started to blow.

Ran 38.13ks in a time of 3:17:48.
Pace was 5:09 per klm. A little bit slow but I have reasons.

About the 26k mark(near Flemington race course) I tripped on a tree root in the dark across the path and went down.
Luckily I fell like a cat. No sauce present on the body.
But I did land on the end of my elbow and my hip which both have nice bruises. Residents didn't even come out to look even though I hit the fence of one house.
As for the ankle it is sprained at the back between the achilles and the bone on both sides.
Hurts to run on it and kills on the hills but I can walk, so should repair fairly quickly.
Rest day Monday.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Late Mid Week Run 16.6ks

Very busy at work this week. Tidy up stuff after the Grand Prix and then get stuff ready for the Air Show at Avalon.

Very tired. Ran only 16.6 ks in 1:16:44. Pace of 4:35 per klm.

Should have been faster. Maybe next week. The last hard week of training.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

10k Run

No time tonight to do any longer.
Did 10k at Marathon Pace.
Time was 43:15. 4:19 per klm.

Very windy as per usual in Williamstown.
It's on Port Phillip and always seems to be windy.

Will have time tomorrow to do my 20k long run.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Tempo Run 12ks

Ran 12ks in total.
Goals were 4ks at 4:30 pace. 4ks at 4:15. And 4ks at 4:00.
Always hard that last one to maintain.

How it worked out:
4ks in 18:25.1 4:36/k.
4ks in 17:02.5 4:15/k.
4ks in 16:24.0 4:06/k.

Hard work that last 4ks.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Sunshine Scramble 40ks

Started out about 2.30 pm after watching the start of the Grand Prix.
I ran from Williamstown out along the bike path to Ballarat Rd.
I turned West and to Sunshine and then turned back.

I ran 40.21 ks in a time of 3 hrs 20 minutes.
An average pace of 4:56 per klm.

Legs felt very heavy the last 10ks. I guess they should after the 12k race this morning.
Oh well, It's all for Canberra training.

Coburg Harriers Fun Run 12k

Arrived at the carpark a bit late 8:50 with race starting at 9.
The carpark was chockers, over a 100 cars. I thought this will be a big race.
Only to find out that Coburg Little Athletics was starting the same time on the track nearby.

Race was to go along the Merri Creek bike track but due to the storm last month parts of the track were damaged by falling trees. So we had to run a course through the local streets up and down hills, instead of the flat bike track. Oh well. Good training for Canberra.

The race was an out and back 2 x 6k loop. I was in fifth spot until one of the guys ahead stopped at the 6k mark. So basically chased the 3rd place runner for about 9ks. He only beat me by 27 seconds. Had a brief shower during the race and it was a bit windy at times.

I got to the 6k in 24:12 and then the 9k in 37:00. Forgot the 3k split.
Came back the last 3k in 11:36. Chasing 3rd place I think made me go quicker.
Finished in 48:36 for fourth place. Very happy with that.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

VRR Tan Time Trial 8klms

On a cold, wet and windy Melbourne morning of 12 degress I met about 100 other running nuts at the Tan.
The Victorian Road Runners have a monthly time trial of the Tan track. I think the track officially is 3.75klms but an extra bit is added to make it a 4klm or 8klm time trial.
Met Clairie(visiting Brissy CR), PaulC and Obi-Wan. Thanks Clairie.
Clairie has photo's.
They run it on a handicap basis with the aim to finish when the main clock gets to 55minutes.
So you have to choose when to start. I started at the 22minute mark hoping to get under 32 actually. The track is crushed sandstone and has one long hill in it(Anderson st hill) at the 1k mark for about 500metres. Other than that it is mostly flat.
I ran very even pace finishing with a 32:15. That's a 1:18 PB for an 8k. Last race was Aust Day same distance. Very happy considering heavy Canberra training at the moment.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Smokin' Midweek Long Run 23ks

Ran 23.05klms in a time of 1:39:12. Average pace of 4:16 per klm. Marathon pace.
Average heart rate of 151 BPM.

Very happy with this run. Very windy, a 10knot breeze was blowing this afternoon/evening.
Just felt like I was in the zone. Very relaxed.

Went through the first 10klms in 42:57. Feeling relaxed about Canberra.
Not sure about running the marathon at 4:30 pace or pushing it faster.
Have 3 weeks of training left and then the taper to decide.