Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Bike 11ks

Into the gym. Let the games begin.

Rode 11.62ks in 22minutes. Hard setting on the hills tonight. Damn hard work.
Average heart rate was 149BPM with a max of 174BPM.

Legs felt like jelly when I got off the bike. Had to stand hanging onto the bike for a few minutes as I felt like falling over.

Soon to be back running. I can feel it.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Bike 12ks

Well almost 12 it was 11.98klms. I was within sight of the line and then the computer stopped. What can you do?

Hills setting again. Set it for 20 minutes + a 2 minute cooldown which you get automatically anyway.
Managed to get through 11.98klms with average heart rate of 139BPM and a max heart rate of 181. Averaged 38.3klms per hour up and down hills. That seems quite ok to me.

Got off the bike and had trouble standing up. Walking back to the shower I was pretty wobbly for a while. God only knows how you ride 180ks and then run a marathon!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

CR 5K Challenge

Just as a starter, no running involved for me anyway.

Very cloudy and foggy around the bay at the start. Set all the runners off with the last group only at 18 minutes. Is that the slowest for ages?
Drove the owl around to the finish as she was just running back for training.

Took a few more photos at a very grey looking finish. Started to rain after everyone finished.

I have photos from October and November which I will have to put up on CR. I have to work out how to compress them as the Kodak shop has given me the CD as a full jpeg file. Which means about 800kb per photo. A bit big to post.

Best part is, I do have two photos of Johnny Dark without guide dog. I knew that dog was slowing him down.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Bike 11ks + a Row

Hopped onto the rowing machine first as a warm up.
Did 2000metres in 8:28.

Onto the bike with it set for the hills program again.
Got through 11.15ks in the 22 minutes.
Average heart rate of 147BPM with a max of 174BPM.

Had trouble walking after getting off the bike. Those hills were hard work.

CR 5klm challenge tomorrow morning. Just to start no running just yet.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Bike 14ks

Felt very tired tonight. Maybe the lack of sleep from last night.
Or the two 2 hour meetings with Accountants and Insurance people I had.

Set the exercise bike on the hills setting again. The computer only brought up about 3 large hills. Wasn't enough to keep me pedalling fast.

Got through 14ks in the 30 minutes. Average heart rate of 130BPM with a max of 174BPM.

Just saw that there is an ocean swim at Coogee this Sunday. Actually two.
One is a 1k swim inside the bay at Coogee. The other is 2.4k around Wedding Cake Island and back. I might do the 1k just for something to do.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bike 14ks

Yet another day in the gym.

Hills again. What else is there to hammer the legs?

Got through 14.71ks in the 30minutes which included a 2 minute cool down.
Max heart rate was 173BPM with an average of 139BPM.

Really depends on how hard I try to push the hills whether the heart rate has a huge jump up.
I try to keep the watts above 90 even up the hills. Doesn't always work. And I get distracted by the TV's and other things.

I've printed out the Pfitzinger return to running program from his website. It looks very slow to build over 7 weeks. May be too slow to me. I probably have more fitness than just starting from scratch.
Hope to start it in early December though. It has a fair bit of walk 10mins run 10 mins, walk 5 mins run 5mins etc. But keeps the other training on the bike going as well.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bike 11ks + a Row

After speaking to my mate about rowing action thought I might try the machine again.

Did the bike first setting it for the hills format.
Got through 11.51ks in the 22minutes. Top heart rate of 173BPM with an average of 131BPM.
Felt pretty easy through the session.

Got onto the rowing machine after that and did 2000m in a time of 8:25. Slightly quicker than last night. Just need to get the action correct so I don't hurt myself and so the time gets quicker as well.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Bike 10ks + a Row

Gym again. Onto the exercise bike. How unusual.
Set the bike for Random Hill for 22 minutes including a 2 minute cooldown.

Got through 10.1ks in the 22mins with a top HR of only 163BPM. With an average of 123BPM.
Pretty slack actually. Should have pushed a bit harder.

Jumped onto the rowing machine and did 2000m in 8:36. The only thing it seemed to work was my arms and lower back a bit.

Hopefully some of this bike exercise will keep me fit for when I start running again.

Edit: Spoke to a Surf boat rowing mate of mine and he reckons the Olympic rowers do about 6mins for 2000m. He said 8:36 is pretty soft. First time, I'll have to row harder next time.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Eliptical Trainer & Bike

Tried the eliptical trainer. Well the machine where you run without moving your feet I think and it has the two long poles to hang onto. Bloody stupid machine it nearly killed me.
Have not used it before so had to search around the menu first to select something.
Found the forest walk program felt more like forest gump afterwards.

It had 2 hills in it and I set it for 5ks, I didn't realise how hard that machine was to move fast on. It took me 55:58 to do the 5ks. I was sweating like a pig after 500 metres and I still had another 4.5ks to go. Top heart rate was 168BPM with an average of 148. My feet copped the brunt of most of the pain. I must have been lifting my heels too much and sliding forward in my shoes while using it.

Finished off with 15 minutes on the exercise bike where I covered 4.8ks. Average heart rate of 145 with a top of only 165.

I now feel absolutely stuffed after workout.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bike 14ks

Some nice talent in the pool tonight. Hmmmm.
And where was I riding up and down a friggin hill on the exercise bike in the gym.
They have big windows so I could see everything. Ha.

Set the bike up for 30 minutes which included a 2 minute cool down.
Rode 14.66 ks with a top heart rate of 178BPM. I forgot to look at the average I was that stuffed.
Probably in the 140's I guess.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bike 11ks

Back at the gym again. Like I have another option.
No talent tonight sorry Jen.

Got through 11.81ks in the 22 minutes. Average heart rate of 141BPM. Forgot to check the top but I think around the 169 mark.

Watched the Poms lose to Pakistan in the first cricket test in Pakistan on one of the gym TV's. Helps keep the Aussies at number one for longer.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bike 11ks

Off to the gym again. The gym area was a little sparse tonight. But there was a very packed boxercise class going on in another area of the gym.

Set the bike for Random Hill. Damn computer programmed in about 6 hills of varying size in the 22minutes. Hard work tonight.
Got through 11.45ks in the 22minutes including the 2 minute cool down session.

The heart rate average was 147BPM with a top of 173BPM. Not many in the outdoor pool tonight. Me included.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Bike 11ks

I see on the IAAF website that they are having Melbourne as a stop on their world athletics circuit. Not sure if that will conflict with the Comm games or not.

Gym again. Set the bike up for Random Hill for 22 minutes including a 2 minute cool down.
Managed to get through 10.87ks in the time. Average heart rate of 137 with a top of 172.

Left the waterbottle at work so had to buy one from the gym. Don't you hate buying overpriced water. Idiot.

I'm looking at seeing the Sports Doctor at the end of the month to see if he thinks I should run again. No pain when I run but the stress fractures are sore to touch. What do you do?

Friday, November 11, 2005

Bike 14ks

Gym again. Geez I'm getting boring. I used to run once. blah, blah, blah.........

Set the bike for Random Hill. Finally got the time to move so set it for 30 minutes including a 2 minute cool down.
Finished with 14.2ks with an average heart rate of 147. And a peak of 178.
Those hills tonight were damn hard. I must be tired it was a struggle. No wonder the heart rate shot right up.
And nothing to look at. What's going on?

Thursday, November 10, 2005


A very hot afternoon but nice and cool in the gym.

After tuesdays change to the one speed on the bike I changed it back to the Random Hill setting.
Much more fun and the hills make you work hard to keep the revs up on the bike.

I managed 10.41ks in 22 minutes including the 2 minute cool down.
Not many people in the gym tonight, not much talent to look at.

I just can't wait to get back out and run again. But I don't want to re injure to early and then have to wait again. For me I want to start Canberra training in early December but I'll have to see about that.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

1 Year Anniversary of the blog

I'm now officially tragic. There hasn't been a lot of running to write about since early August.

I hope 2006 will be better on the injury front.

2005 consisted of a back injury from Golf in January. An achillies injury in March, a foot injury from the Canberra Marathon in April which stayed for a month. Plus the stress fractures late July which are still here. And a sore shoulder from falling off a cliff in September while snow ski-ing. But that was pleasure.

But I love my running so just have to hope I can avoid the injuries as much as possible. Take note stress fractures, you are not welcome here.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Glad the gym has air-conditioning because it sure was humid tonight.

Set the exercise bike to 10 and put the time at 30 minutes with a 2 minute cool down at the end.
Did 13.1ks in total with an average heart rate of 131.

Setting it manually meant the bike just stayed at the same pressure for the whole 30 minutes. I like the hills setting better. Much more appealing even though I am not cycling anywhere.

Monday, November 07, 2005


Another trip to the gym at Aussie Stadium. I'm becoming attached. I'm waiting for the gym junkies to offer to build me up on the weights machines. haha.

Set the machine up for Random hill again on the 20minute program with a 2 minute cool down after wards.
Managed 10.65ks in total. With an average heart rate of 127 and a max I think of 163.

Felt pretty good and the heart rate was lower than last time but with the same distance.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

A Swim, a run, and almost another win

Went to my Surf Club this morning for their Sunday races.

Found out my shocking attempt at swimming 2 weeks ago didn't give me a better handicap.
So I still swam like a brick in the pretty rough surf. There was also a hell shore break making the other events very interesting when they came back to the beach.

In the run I was given a 30 second handicap after my win last week. The guy I beat on the line, so by 1 second basically was given 20 seconds. He was the 2nd last to start.
The tide was coming up so the sand was very soft.
I managed to keep him pretty close till the end and he finished about 3 seconds ahead.
Hopefully next race in 2 weeks we are only 5 seconds apart in handicap. The ten seconds was a bit hard to reel back in.

I did time the run as well with my stop watch and it was 2:50. Unsure of distance probably close to 750-800metres, but it varies all the time by 10-20 metres depending on where they decide to start from. Doesn't matter it's the finish that counts for points.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


Back to the gym again. A few more people in than on Tuesday of Cup Day.

Set the bike for Random Hill again. So 20minutes with a 2minute cool down on the end.

Managed to 10.7 ks in the 22 minutes. Seems to be getting a lot easier.

Heart rate average was 131 for the session with a top of 160 up one of the hills.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Another trip to the gym at Aussie Stadium. Best way to avoid the drunken hordes coming out of Randwick Racecourse anyway.

Set the bike up for Random Hill with a setting of 10 out of 20.
Did 9.95ks in the 22minute program which included a 2 minute cool down.

Felt ok. Would much rather be out running though.