Sunday, March 22, 2009

SMC 30k

My first time out at SMC since October 2007. Many races and injuries later I finally front up for a race distance almost never held which was 30ks.
Started with the expectation I might keep with Eagle as he was doing 4:20/ks for a long hitout before his 100th marathon at Canberra. Realised after 2.5k drink table that I was being stupid and should just do a training run so slowed the pace up.

Course was as hilly as I remember it from running the half out at SMC once before although we did get to do the same hill twice plus another one twice which is past the usual 5k turnaround point. Love those hills!!!

Finished in 2:23.40 for the 30k at an average pace of 4:47/k.
Had pain in my foot and hamstring all the way through the race which didn't help me this morning. Actually my longest run since before Canberra last year which is good.

Blue Dog's mum can't count as I've only run in 4 races this year that little Bluey has been in, but she was reading the results through the bottom of a sherry bottle so you can't expect much.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hill Circuit

Did six laps of a hill circuit near Randwick racecourse. About 820m in each lap.

Total distance was 4.92ks in 19:55. Average of 3:19 per lap.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Easy 13k

A lap of Centennial Park on the inside and then around the outside up to Fox Studios and back. A few bits of the run were on grass, that was the easy part of it.

Total was 13.76ks in 1:02.47. Average pace of 4:33 per klm.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Centennial Park 21ks

Couldn't run this morning due to work. Went out about 5pm and ran around Centennial Park through the many jubilant Bunnies fans.
Temp was 24 degrees but humidity between 70-78%. Plus the rain came through half way into the run and sent everyone out of the park in a hurry, plus gave me a few more pounds to run with.

Total was 21.1ks in 1:40.49. Average pace of 4:46 per klm. Was trying to run about 20ks today, but you know it is a bit hard to stop a k away and walk home.

Congratulations or commiserations to all the Six Footers for the race yesterday. Looks like plenty of PB's were run. Sounds like time for CR drinks again to get the war stories.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Easy 11k

Pretty humid tonight with the low cloud cover. No rain around on the Coast the West was copping it all this afternoon. Ran around Centennial Park and Moore Park.

Total was 11.1ks in 51:25. Average pace of 4:37 per klm.

Not yet ready for 2:45 Ewen. Maybe on a downhill Boston course.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

4x2.5k Reps

Somebody told this would hurt. How right they were. I think I left a lung around Centennial Park somewhere.
Very ugly reps. Have no speed at all for these at the moment, and it didn't help with the sprained ankle from Sunday.

Reps were 9:38, 9:54, 9:46, 9:58. All done with a 5min walk recovery.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Homebush Hustle STaR 17ks

Started at Concord and did a tour of the Olympic site and down to Parramatta River and then back through the mangrove swamps to ths start again.
Was playing 7am host as I volunteered a few months ago thinking I would do this as a taper run for Six Foot track next week.
We also ran longer than normal as a Striders expert figured he knew the course and added 1.8ks because of it.

Ended up as 17.4ks in a very leisurely 1:42. At least the after run drinks and fruit were good.

P.S badly sprained my ankle about 200m from the finish when I stepped in a hole on the grass footpath. Been icing all day since. Bugger!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Hill Circuit

Ran six laps of a hill circuit near Randwick Racecourse. Distance is about 820 metres per lap.
620m ascent and 200m descent.

Total was 18:53 for six laps. Average of 3:06 per lap.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

MLR 16ks

Centennial Park and Moore Parks. Nice and cool with the currently southerly blowing.
Total was 16.3ks in 1:15.12. Average pace of 4:36 per klm.

What's easy these days? Same pace all the time has to make my body take faster sessions easier.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Easy 10k

Around Centennial Park, Moore Park, the SFS and SCG and back home. Ran past some Palestinian protesters outside of Randwick Racecourse. Who knows what horses have to do with the Middle East?

Ran 10.56ks in 48:46. Average pace of 4:37 per klm.

If you run fast Glenda the chocolate just melts away in the heat.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Yarra Bay 6k Fun Run

Sort of a local fun run. Organised by Jane Saville the triple Olympian Race Walker. They had a 6k run & walk on at the same time plus a few kids 1.2k races before ours started at 9am.
Yarra Bay is on Botany Bay if you don't know where it is. Just keep heading south down Anzac Pde until you almost get to La Perouse. The start was just near the sailing club.

Before the start I saw that Mr Horne and Mr Harrison were in attendance. The battle went to Jeremey Horne for the inaugural race in a slick 17:53. The course was run on bike paths around the Bay and then out along a breakwall and back. Very humid this morning and we had a headwind on the way back as we ran North to the finish. Only a couple of hills that were not too long.

My race went ok started off fairly easy and basiccally stayed in about the same spot for the whole race. Managed to get 3rd place in my age group of 40-49. No medals but the 1st place did get some Diadora gear as a prize. Finished in 23:26. Very happy to get back under 4 min ks again. It's been so long in a race. Plenty of post race fruit and a sponsors bag of goodies, and money went to Ian Thorpes children foundation.

Scored a lucky dip prize of six different blocks of chocolate. Excellent!