Wednesday, June 27, 2012

MLR 22ks

Ran from work up to Centennial Park and did laps of the park, Moore park, SCG, SFS and Fox Studios and then back to work.
Almost back to work and I tripped on a big tree branch on the ground with soon to be bruising Knee, Elbow, Hip, Shoulder and most painful of all Ribs.
The Ribs and elbow hurt the most. The Ribs hurt my deep breaths and the elbow is on the inside point. No bruising yet but I'm sure to have som classic marks.

Total was 22.4ks in 1:42.26. Average pace of 4:34 per klm.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Darley Rd 15x200m Hill Reps

Footpath conditions were wet but the rain from earlier in the day had stopped for the run tonight.

15 Reps done in 29:48. About 1 min up with about the same recovery back down.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

State Longcourse XC 53:59= PB

Third trip down to Nowra for this race and the drive is still just as bad. 2 and a half hours to race 12ks is not fun. The other races were in 2006 and 2009. So I guess my record isn't looking good to front up next year?

3laps of a hilly 4k circuit with one monster hill straight up at the 2k mark. Walking up was faster today than running up it on the 2nd and 3rd laps.

Splits were 17:18, 35:48(18:20), 53:59(18:11). A bit too fast the 1st lap with the 1k in 3:40. Paid for it in the 2nd lap. But the 3rd was much better knowing the race for home was on.

The time in 2009 was 55:25. So a 1:26PB. I think my first PB for the year. Gotta get one sometime. Pity the longcourse isn't back at Centennial Park like they have had in other years. Would be a nice flat course in the middle of the park.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

ES Marks Track 10x400m Reps

Did a 2.5k warmup before starting.
Reps were 77,80,77,80,77,79,81,80,78,82. All done with a 200m jog recovery.
Did a 2.5k cool down to finish.

Felt better than last week. Hope I can run a bit better at Nowra Cross Country on Saturday.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

MLR 20ks

Ran from work and did laps around Centennial Park, SFS, SCG and Fox Studios and back to work again. Felt cold running tonight but probably wasn't.
Total was 20.70ks in 1:35.09. Average pace of 4:35 per klm.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Darley Rd 10x200m Hill Reps

Did a 2k warmup over to the bottom of the hill. Fairly steep hill but only has a 200m section between side streets to run up.

Ten Reps up and down the hill in 19:52. The recovery down was about the same as the run up. Distance was 4ks.

Then did a 2k cool down back home. Won't help much for 12k State X-C at Nowra this Saturday.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Easy 8k

Ran along Manly beach up to Queenscliff Lagoon and back. You think the council would get the excess sand from the tiles and put it back on the beach by now with so much missing?

Total was 8.2ks in 37 flat. Average pace of 4:30 per klm.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mini Mos 10k Race

Day turrned out fine and with not much wind at all. Pity this course is so hilly for most of it.
Did a 2k warmup before starting and notice Tom was missing but sore Scott Westcott and Tim Rowe who were to battle for the win on the day. Scott came out a minute ahead.

I was ok through the 2k mark in 7:20 and then it all fell apart and I was through the 5k in about 20:40 I think. Basically stayed the same pace to the end to finish in 41:24. About a min and a half slower than last year. Holy crap. I might retire. 7th in the age group so not even a gong to take home.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Manly 11ks

Ran along the beachfront at Manly which had more sand on it than the beach due to the big surf in the last week.
Ran up to Manly golf course and did a lap of the course and back home again.

All up 11ks in 46:45. Average pace of 4:15 per klm.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

ES Marks Track 10x400m Reps

Felt pretty cold at the start and took 3ks before I finally warmed up properly.

Reps were 81,82,83,83,81,77,81,83,81,81. All done with a 200m jog recovery.

Did a 2k cool down after finishing. Plenty out running so it made it easier to chase people.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Ran from work without much rain this time up to Centennial Park and did a lap of the park. Then did a few loops around Moore Park, the SFS and SCG and back to work. Plenty of water still around on the streets and the lakes were over flowing along Alison Rd side of CP.

All up 20.15ks in 1:35.40. Average pace of 4:44 per klm.

Just slightly quicker than what Timmy ran in the rain yesterday.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Moore Park 15ks

A nice run in the wind and rain tonight. From work up to Centennial Park and ran down towards Randwick racecourse before turning back and doing a lap of the Showgrounds, SFS, and SCG and back to work again.

Plenty of water on the roads and in the air. Got thoroughly soaked but loved it.

Total was 15ks in 1:08.07. Average pace of 4:32 per klm.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chatswood Chase STaR 30ks

Started at Lane Cove National Park at the start of the Striders 10k race point. Small crowd with only Mark F, Mark S, Dave C, Pete Truscott, Bruce and Ray W running this morning. David Tonge caught us from the 6:30am start at about 20k and Dave C went with him.

We run the whole way along the 10k course minus the side trip up Scribblies to the Ryde Rd gates, then we go through Macquarie Park, Lane Cove West, Artarmon on the run up to the Great Northern Hotel on the pacific Hwy.
Then through Chatswood and Roseville with some good rolling hills up to Gordon. Then we go back south past Gordon golf club and into the bush in Lane Cove national park. A bit muddy but nothing too bad from the showers last night. Then we run past West Lindfield and down back into the national park across the weir to the finish.

Total was 30.2ks in 2:30.24. Average pace of 4:58 per klm. Not too bad with the H3 Striders hill rating. Probably could be H4 as there are a lot of them.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Centennial Park 8ks

Great day for a run in the park. Not much human traffic on the running track as most were off in the parks.
Did a couple of laps of the running track plus a bit extra.

Total was 8ks in 33:55. Average pace of 4:14 per klm.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

MLR 17ks

After the storm on Tuesday night and the rain on Wednesday night it was finally clear weather tonight.
Ran from work and did a lap around Centennial Park with another lap around Fox Studios before heading back to work.

Total was 17.5ks in 1:23.14. Average pace of 4:45 per klm.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Rocks Push STaR 26ks

Missed putting this one in. I know we started in the Rocks and ran over to Pyrmont and past the fish markets and then up through Ultimo and Central Station.
Then it was up through Hyde Park and the Domain before going over to Rushcutters Bay. Then we ran up the hill to Kings Cross and down back past Garden Island and the Domain again before going past the Opera House and the Quay.
Decided not to do the bit to Kirribilli so turned after crossing the bridge.

All up 26.2ks in 2:14:51. Average pace of 5:08 per klm. Must have been the hills and stairs.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Aths NSW Cross Country Relays 4x4k

Tom didn't get my email so I wasn't actually in a team when I arrived. But Dave Criniti said he wouldn't run as he ran the 10k earlier that day. So Tom fixed it up for me. Thanks Tom.
I was running first but missed the start as I was too busy not paying attention. Probably cost about 20 secs off my time because of it.
Ran around the mud and rain for an official time of 16:59. Pretty average but I have not been running much.

The Striders B team was 5th. The relays were held at Miranda the same for the last 4 years.