Sunday, June 08, 2014

Centennial Park 10 Miler

Maybe I should change the settings on my garmin so it beeps on the klm points instead of the mile points?
Couldn't get out in the morning today so ran at lunch time in Centennial.
Didn't matter much bar a lot more crowded at midday than at 7am.

And since Timmy is always pining for a weather report it was 17 degrees and 25k southerly winds with gusts up to 45k's.

Total was 16.1ks in 1:20:01. Average pace of 4:58 per klm. Most was run on the grass in centennial and moore parks.

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Ewen said...

17C beats our 2C Saturday morning. Good to see you're getting over the injuries Paul. Guess you missed the state relay champs?