Sunday, February 20, 2011

Surf Club swim, board, run & flags

As the Striders were doing the Hornsby Hurricane which is 20ks of bush out of 30 I decided against going up there. I was intending to do the Striders North Head run early but when the temp was 26 degrees at 6am I decided against it.

I headed to my surf club instead. The water was fantastic I can tell you. The outside temp was 33 degrees at 10am so I wise not to run.
The swim was a very long one today and I managed not to drown myself. In the board I think I was 6th. I won my first run in 2 years which was good. There goes the handicap for next week though. And in the flags I was 3rd.

Didn't have to buy beers as the Surf Club was christening a new surf boat so we had a BBQ and free keg on our back lawn. Ah the Aussie Summer!


Tim said...

Good work Flakey, didn't realize you were a swimmer as well? What surf Club you with?
Could have give us the 'Heads Up' though on the FREE beer, it could have been worth another visit over to the North side ? :)

Ewen said...

Sounds good Paul. Hope you had one for me.