Thursday, February 03, 2011

State 5000m track titles - 19:08

Pretty tough conditions for the race tonight. We ended up running the last race of the night starting at 10:05pm. Ridiculous!

25 degrees and 74% humidity with a 15k warm wind as well.

Was intending to run faster but was dry after about 2ks and struggled to run home.

Splits I remember wer 1k in 3:42, 2k in 7:27 and just the finish in 19:08. Not good.


Anonymous said...

Mate, That does seem a tough night and a bit harsh making you run at 10.05?
You missed a chance of an EASY victory at the Striders Flakey had you rocked up :)
Catch you soon

Ewen said...

Yes, slightly ugly that one. 18:30 pace early - not too quick - thought you'd be in that sort of shape going by your 1500 PB.