Thursday, August 14, 2014

Moore Park 3 x 2.2ks

A circuit going from Lang Rd at the hordern pavilion up past the SCG, SFS, along Moore Park Rd and down the path along Anzac Pde.

Reps were 8:31(3:52/k), 8:14(3:44/k), 8:20(3:47/k). All down with a 4 min walk recovery in between.

Slower than I thought they would be. Couldn't have been warmed up enough for that first one.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Moore Park 14ks

12 Degrees. Warm night. No wind which was good.

Did a couple of laps around Moore Park, SCG, SFS and part of Centennial Park.

Total was 14.26ks in 1:05:24. Average pace of 4:35 per klm.

Felt much easier than recent runs.

Monday, August 11, 2014

City 2 Surf times

My Dirty dozen of races this year. Only missed in 2005 with a stress fracture. Doesn't make for good reading as I appear to be in a 5 year rut.

2002 - 93:54(No training)
2003 - 77:43
2004 - 62:52(Started running May)
2005 - DNS stress fracture
2006 - 58:05
2007 - 57:59(Very disappointed with this as I thought I was running well that year)
2008 - 75:40(Hadn't run since April due to PF)
2009 - 56:25
2010 - 55:05(With a net of 54:53 getting me my only preferred start for 2011)
2011 - 55:04(Net of 54:55. But Fairfax made preferred 52 for males in 2012 so back in the red)
2012 - 57:13
2013 - 59:21(Had a pain under my ribs hit me going up William St which didn't go away till HBH)
2014 - 61:33(Achilles and no training)

Plenty of excuses since 2011. Hopefully I can turn it around next year.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

City 2 Surf 61:33

Wasn't expecting much from the race this considering how my training has been. Was still at the Red start at 6:15AM but the time went quickly anyway. We now start at 7:55AM instead of 8am? Stupid change by Fairfax.

William St was great leading Steve Jackson who I somehow passed even though he had preferred start. Lead him until he tugged on my singlet just before the road split for the tunnel. So maybe 700m I was in front. Had to make a pit stop at Rushcutters after waiting for 2 hrs at the front of the red group. Bit hard to sneak out and be let back in.

I was really bad on any little hill and felt the whole field go past me up to Edgecliff. Caught a few back on the downhill into Double Bay but was then passed again up the hill to Cranbrook. Started sweating a lot as I was on the edge of my fatness through Rose Bay. Turns out it was only 50% humidity and it was just me. Bugger.

Got to the 5k flag in 22 mins. Forgot to change the garmin which was beeping like Timmy at Mile markers. More people went past me on the flat to the bottom of heart break. The hill was a struggle with all the extra weight I had on me. Apparently according to Fairfax I was in 2648th spot at the bottom and 2834th at the top. Didn't think that many passed me but based on chips they can start at anytime and are not actually running with me.

As I turned at the dead heart of Dover Heights I was feeling better with to downhills coming and motored past a few. Got taken back by a few later on up to the 10k which I reached in 45 flat. Could be the Striders 45 min pacer next race. Hmm!

The downhills were coming and so was my speed cranking the pace up to 3:35/k at one point. Screamed to a halt trying to negotiate the crowds and small hill on Campbell Parade. Through to the finish where I managed a kick to finish in 61:33 and 2307th spot.
No paper this year from Fairfax the tight arses? Striders didn't have a tent so we all stood around getting photos and chats with Deek, Monners, Mottram and Pat Farmer.

Times off my watch that I usually take:
5k 22:00
6.2k 25:57(c2s time)
7.2k 32:34(HBH clock)
7.8k 34:26(c2s time)
10k 45:00
Finish 61:33(32:34/28:59) One of my best splits here of 3:35. Now if I can just get to the clock faster. I'm a gun after the Heart break hill clock. 2834th position at 7.8ks and finished in 2307. Passed 500.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Centennial Park 10ks

16 degrees at 7pm and 60% humidity. Felt worse.

Just an easy 10ks around Centennial Park, Moore Park, SCG, and SFS.

Total was 10ks in 44:21.

Hopefully not my pace for Sunday.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

ES Marks 5 x 1k Reps

13 Degrees but dew forming on the infield by the time I finished. Just felt a lot colder at 8PM at night. Clear skies and no wind.

Did a 2k warm up and a 2k cool down afterwards.

Plenty to chase on the track tonight so they were faster than last week,

Reps were 3:48, 3:48, 3:38, 3:38, 3:40. All done with a 200m walk recovery.

Might have blown your $50 Ewen. But then if my lungs feel like racing I could go faster on Sunday.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

State short course X-C 7.5ks

Upjohn Park at Rydalmere for a Saturday afternoon race. Nice dry course due to the lack of rain in Sydney. Got a bit dusty in some spots when the wind blew though.

Struggled around the 3 laps with my splits of 11:00, 22:48 and finish in 34:02.
Not unexpected it would be that slow.

Plenty of Striders out running as well. With Andrew Tuckey winning the 35-39 age group and top ten overall. Must be HuRT's number 1 at C2S now. Although Tim Lindop will probably know better.