Sunday, May 15, 2016

SMH Half Marathon 1:34:32

Training hasn't been very good this year at all. Even since the 50k at Canberra I've struggled to do a 30k long run under 5 min k pace average which is slow for what I want to run at.

So with no speed work at all I took on the Fairfax mountains of SMH half around the city this morning. The good thing about the race is getting to run through the city and darling harbour with all the roads closed. Pyrmont I can do without as the hills just seem to get worse over there lead by Fairfax just after numbers. Rant, Rant!

Time was 1:34:32 net. According to the timers I was 734 out of 9186 finishers. Top 8% even with my fat.
According to my splits I was:

5k - 21:49
10k - 44:15(22:26)
15k - 1:06:44(22:29)
20k - 1:29:20(23:36)
21.1k - 1:34:32(5:12)
Obviously too fast at the start. But the course I think gets hillier after 5k as you have to cross to Pyrmont and back again. So could be ok the splits.

Fairfax had the first half in 46:22 and second half in 48:10. And I was 808th at half way and finished in 734th position. Couldn't see the 70 I passed.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Jack Carter Cup Sand Race 1.9ks - 11th win

An event my surf club holds in jan/feb each year. People do it solo or as a team.
Swim, ski paddle, sand run, board paddle. Of course I do the run a huge 1.9ks this year. About the same each year.

We lead the swim, ski paddle, run only just this time and the board paddler was behind at the last turning buoy but the other paddler nose dived on a wave coming in when he was next to our paddler.

So we took the win. The board paddler and my 11th win, ski paddler 10th and we roped in a new swimmer as the usual one was away.

The prize was a pair of sun glasses again. Pace was good 4:29/k on the hard/wet sand.

Friday, January 01, 2016

Beyond the Black Stump Fatass 28ks

At least 40 people rocked up at Berowra on New Years morning at 6am for what is supposed to be the early start. We only had about 15 last year early.

Usual run from Berowra community hall across to the bush. Down along Berowra creek to the ferry. The pack went past me in the bush as I'm not running well/ was tired as well.

Got to the ferry on my own and there were about a dozen waiting at the ferry. I reckon the first of this lot was about 10 mins ahead.

Took off up the road, which is 3.5ks, did the bush out to where the burnt out car is and then turned around as I wasn't feeling too fresh.

Ran back and just missed a ferry at the bottom of the hill so had to wait and consequently about a dozen caught me,
Off the ferry and I took the road back to the start. Still a hell of a climb anyway.

Total was 28.7ks in 3:11. Very hard work

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Moore Park 8ks

Just down to the start of Moore Park and back. Felt like my legs were not moving at all tonight.

8.19ks in 41:31.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Moore Park 10ks

Hot day to start. Up to 30 degrees but only 21 degrees at 7PM when I started. Just ran down to Moore Park Rd and back.

Total was 10.58ks in 54:30.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Centennial Park 21ks

Missed my run in the morning mainly due to a lack of sleep due to asthma and then falling asleep on the lounge for 2 hrs. Probably needed it.

Run was at 3 in the afternoon. Not too hot only 22 degrees. Sun still out though. Nice run around the Moore and Centennial Park areas. Staying on the grass mostly.

Total was 20.84ks in 1:47:57.

Longest run since Gold Coast Half in July.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

An hour in Moore Park 12ks

Down to Moore Park and around there. 16 degrees. Lots of traffic. Especially bikes.

Total was 12:03ks in 1:00:37.