Sunday, August 09, 2015

City 2 Surf 2015

Arrived about 6:30AM to the baggage area and wandered past the toilets with no lines. Then down to the start line about 6:40AM to find only about a dozen lined up. Mostly usual suspects. Maybe Fairfax and the don't arrive 30 mins before the gun email had an effect?

Start was made up of standing around having a chat and praying the sun came out from behind the trees which it did. Seemed to help but in fact the tempo was 6 degrees but with the 20k westerly we had during the race it was really 2.5 degrees.

Asthma and hamstring were noted as being a problem before the race so I expected not to be able to run fast at all. So it was proven as I had to run with my inhaler.

Found the crowds really rude this year as heaps of runners trying to get through gaps that they can't get through just belt your elbows without a hint of sorry. Next year I'm running with Michael Clarkes unused cricket bat. Will see more hits at least.

Splits I noted. Could be adjusted later as I press the button when the gun went and couldn't work out if there even was a start mat?

5k 23:15
7.2k(clock) 34:57
10k 48:55
14k 68:04. Avge pace 4:51 per klm.

Neg split 34:57/33:07. At least I'll keep the red start for next year.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

SMH Half marathon 91:36

Another course change by Fairfax taking out the Barangaroo loop and the finish loop in college st. Added a hill at circular quay to replace it. 
Start time is now 6:45am to get us off the streets earlier.

Run was ok since I've only had 2 weeks training since Paris marathon. Passed about 70 people in the 2nd half to finish 538th. No rain during the race but streets were wet. 

Nearly 10,000 runners in the race with Tom highnam getting 4th. Excellent. Getting a new laptop this week so hopefully can update blog. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Paris Marathon 3:08:43

Running on merrily until about the 25k mark doing 4:20k pace or 22 min 5 k pace when the tunnels came and I lost touch with the garmin and it and I didn't recover till the 30k mark.

By that stage I was doing 4:35-4:40k's and couldn't get it back.

Conditions were great. Nice and cool and crowded as you expect with 40,000 runners.

Forgot to look at Youtube for the cobblestones in the last 10ks. They hurt like hell on more sore Achilles. Remember Youtube next time. Heaps of support on the course with plenty out watching in the streets and cheering the runners.

Expo was huge. Largest since I was at Boston.

I finished the race 1884th and 3:08:43 which was my best since the PB in 2010. Which makes it a 45-49 Age Group PB as well. And I'm faster than Blue Dog for the age.

Splits 10k 43:55, Half 1:32:26, 30k 2:12:27.

Not too bad splits 1:32:26/1:36:17.

1884th out of 40,259 Finishers. Top 5% in a Marathon I'll take that.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Lost in Rome 19ks

Lost in Rome was rather dramatic but the map probably shows how bad it was. Cold day and I had so much trouble when I got back to the hotel as it used keys I couldn't turn the key and had to get hotel staff to help me. Fingers were frozen.

It ended up being 19.2ks in 1:40:30. Intention was and hour and a half but getting lost didn't help. Last run before the Marathon next week in Paris.

Hopefully the course is marked.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Botany Bay Trails 20ks

Ran from work down to La Perouse and back. Ran into the bush and rocks through La Perouse and the Bay headland near NSW golf club and back.
Got a bit sunburnt but I did start at midday so a bit of the suntan cream wore off by the time I got back.
Not exactly long enough for 2 weeks before a Marathon as I like a 2 hour run.

This was 20.2ks in 1:44. So, slow and not long enough.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

MLR 15ks

Centennial Park inside and outside feeling great. 15.3ks in 1:06:55. Average pace of 4:22 per klm.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Centennial & Moore Park 20ks

Two laps in and out of Moore Park and Centennial Park in the afternoon. Not ideal and not long enough for Paris either.

20.1ks in 1:39:32.