Sunday, May 15, 2016

SMH Half Marathon 1:34:32

Training hasn't been very good this year at all. Even since the 50k at Canberra I've struggled to do a 30k long run under 5 min k pace average which is slow for what I want to run at.

So with no speed work at all I took on the Fairfax mountains of SMH half around the city this morning. The good thing about the race is getting to run through the city and darling harbour with all the roads closed. Pyrmont I can do without as the hills just seem to get worse over there lead by Fairfax just after numbers. Rant, Rant!

Time was 1:34:32 net. According to the timers I was 734 out of 9186 finishers. Top 8% even with my fat.
According to my splits I was:

5k - 21:49
10k - 44:15(22:26)
15k - 1:06:44(22:29)
20k - 1:29:20(23:36)
21.1k - 1:34:32(5:12)
Obviously too fast at the start. But the course I think gets hillier after 5k as you have to cross to Pyrmont and back again. So could be ok the splits.

Fairfax had the first half in 46:22 and second half in 48:10. And I was 808th at half way and finished in 734th position. Couldn't see the 70 I passed.

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Ewen said...

Wondered what you'd been up to since Canberra Paul. 4:30 ks isn't too bad. I'm going to have your first split as my Parkrun goal when I get back into it :)