Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mona Fartlek

A nice cool night for a run. Pretty stiff Southerly still blowing off what felt like the snow. Top temp today only 16 degrees, after Saturdays 25.
Did a 1k warmup before I started the session.
Ran from my home up the bike path to the SFS and back again.
Total was 5.15ks in the 20 minutes. Average pace of 3:53 per klm. Pity I couldn't do that on Sunday. And considering the fartlek is effort then float then effort etc, etc...

Did a 2k cool down after finishing.

2006- 751st, 2007- 625th. My position. But only 6 seconds faster.
2006- 55mins= 455th, 2007-55mins=363rd.
2006-Top 100=50:03, 2007-Top 100=50:23.
2006-Top 500=55:33, 2007-Top 500=56:52. A huge difference!

Now are we getting slower as runners or was it the heat this year? Any bets on the preferred time being shifted to 56 minutes for 2008!


Tesso said...

Interesting stats there. I vote we all blame the heat :-)

Ewen said...

It wasn't that hot. There have been hotter years.

I doubt if they'll change the preferred time. Although I remember being annoyed when they changed it from 54 down to 52 for a couple of years.

The places in C2S are not that accurate, as A2 and B (first timers) aren't in the newspaper results. A mate of mine ran 51 from the B group one year.