Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Easy 40 Minutes

No West Met this weekend Ewen. The 18th is the next one.

Just did a circuit of Centennial Park making it longer by running down Moore Park Rd and along Anzac Pde and back home. All up 8.01 ks in 43:18. Average pace of 5:24 per klm.
Very easy!


Tom said...

What time were you running around Centennial Flake? I made a foray out there this evening around 6pm but could barely see a thing in the dark.

Superflake said...

8pm Tom. I run around the outside of the park at the moment.Too dark.
And I'm predicting anything under 55 mins. But 53:xx would be good.
Maybe you'll be quicker 45 high!

Jen_runs said...

Good luck on Sunday Flakey. See you then!

Tesso said...

See you on the start line on Sunday Flakey. Next year you probably will be too good to line up with we plebs!

26miles said...

Good luck on Sunday Flakey.
You've just got to get to the 10k mark under 39.30 and cruise the downhills from there.
See you on Sunday - run strong !

Johnny Dark said...

Looking forward to cheering you home to that sub-55 on Sunday Paul.

Ewen said...

That's odd - Merv used to always put on a cross country at Auburn the Saturday before C2S. I remember getting a third place one year.

I was going to suggest a 53+. Buy you a cappuccino for 53:32 or better.