Sunday, August 19, 2007

Cherrybrook STaR 32ks

Up to Cherrybrook for this STaR with a small crowd of only 5 of us running at 6:20am. Must have been the rain in Sydney this morning kept them away.

The run started in Cherrybrook and went through West Pennant Hills, back through Cherrybrook, Pennannt Hills, Westleigh, Normanhurst, Thornleigh and back to Cherrybrook.
Some great runs through the Cumberland State Forest and parts of the Great North Walk.

Neverending hills in this run, everytime you go around a corner another one appears. Very hard work. The other 4 guys did a short option at the 22k mark so I ran the last 10 on my own. I think I was much slower after they left.

Total was 32.1ks after a little extra from missing a street turn. Total was 2.45:30 for a hard mornings work. Average pace of 5:09 per klm. Probably one of my slowest ever STaR's, but what a hilly course.
I need a sleep!


Rob said...

Good effort this morning Flakey. I was priveleged to be in the same race as Mona this morning. He came second in the Noosa Half. What a man.

TA and the Gnome said...

Welcome to our backyard Paul ;-). We used to do hill reps in the Cumberland Forest as a lead up to c2s.

Bru did his long run yesterday morning while I did some training at Rozelle. It was when we got home that we discovered the star was < 500m from home. Doh!!


Ewen said...

You all should have dropped in at Plu's for a cuppa.

Yes, a cappuccino if you run 53:32 or quicker. Plenty of time to get the 10k down to 37ish. Other bets before then of course!

Horrie said...

Missed you out at the Hidden Half this morning. I thought you might have been out there trying to get one back on Nando. I remember that Cherrybrook run well from the time we ran it together. How could you forget all those hills?

Tom said...

Good effort mate. We took 2:50 for the Trailwalker Toe a few weeks back and, whatever the pace, that length of time on feet takes it out of you. Bring on those sunny 6am starts though.

Tesso said...

Good on ya for braving the rain. We Qld-ers are a bit wussy when it comes to that .... well, I am anyway.

I did that STaR once when I was here - I remember (not so fondly) the hills!