Saturday, August 04, 2007

Striders Lane Cove 10k

A rather cool morning with the car recording 3 degrees at the weir, and my hands hurting during the race until at least the 6k mark. I wouldn't buy gloves as Blue Dog's Mum might think I'm soft.
Wasn't sure how I would go this morning as my cold and lack of training in the last two weeks showed up when my legs felt tired during the warmup.

Missed pressing the start button as the race started so I added 10 seconds to my time all around the course to see where I was up to. According to me I was at the 5k in 19:40 and feeling ok. The lungs had some air, but as a few runners may have noticed I had the head back on every downhill to get some air in there.
Heading back to the start and I was under pressure from The Sloth and former CR/28 racing team member Jane Miles. I thought she was older!

I was up and down in the positions between the two of them most of the way back until catching Sportsman about the 9k mark and dropping the sloth as well. Jane I had finally dropped about the 8k mark up a hill.
Langswm called out at the last gate about 500m from the finish to Action to catch up. I didn't know he was close. Well I wasn't letting anyone get past me from there and kicked for home, holding off the Sloth(just) and Action by 5 seconds. Gotta love any small win over Action.

Just missed the Course PB by running 38:28. Very happy with the time considering the cold I have and the bay run race last week I struggled to run 4min/k pace on the flat. The course PB streak was running from June 2004.

It is heartening to know that my 10k's this year have all been between 38:05 and 38:31. Much improved over last year. Now for the Relays this afternoon at Wollongong.


Tom said...

Great stuff Flake. Sub-55 would be just reward. See you there.

Ewen said...

That's a huge win. Action is past it and you're getting faster.

Freshen up a bit for C2S and you should crack 55.