Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tempo Run 13ks

I thought it was cold so I ran with a long sleeve top on. Then I realised after about a k that it was cold but I was sweating like a pig and really needed a singlet. Too late for that.
Had a nice shower during the run for about 5 minutes while I ran, very refreshing.

Ran around a bit of Randwick and then Centennial Park, Moore Park, the SFS and the SCG. A pretty flat course.
Ran 13.37ks in 57:30. Average pace of 4:18 per klm. Legs just didn't feel like that had much in them tonight.


miners said...

ah ... I'm a big fan of the long-sleeve top no matter the weather. In fact with this spare-tyre developing, I'm going to need to bring out the turtle-neck skivvies for summer

Hey, great pace for a tempo run of that distance too mate

Ewen said...

Singlet? I'm still in long pants and two jackets! Maybe the long run of <10C days is making us soft.