Sunday, February 07, 2010

Surf Club Swim, Board, Run and Flags

Swim was moved down to Kiddies Corner near the pool. We used the escalator to get out and then surfed back in on the break. I got hit by a wave coming in so ended up fighting against the rip for a long while. Not good after just finishing my run. I'm sure the crowd on the beach was thankful they didn't have to come and save me which was why they clapped.

The board was in the same area but I got hit by a wave going out which didn't help. Coming back in I rolled the board a few times in the big waves. A few bruises after that.

The run was shorter than normal about 700m on hard sand at least. Keith Bateman happened to be passing and stopped to watch. Came 5th getting pipped on the line.

Flags went better and I managed a 3rd.

No BBQ this week as we had a launch at our club of some fund raising.


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