Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mosman Reversed 23ks

Interesting run this morning. Started at Balmoral Beach with a dozen in the 6:20 group including a sub 3hr marathon female from OS, and a pro female ironman who has done 9:20.
Ran through to Chinamans Beach and across the Spit Bridge and around through some bush. I was leading as we entered the bush and encountered a blocked path which I tried to go around only to slip on a rather large wet and mossy and rock and go for a 5m slide down into a tree.
Not a good start to the run. Left some skin back in Clontarf if you see it next time. The group declined to follow me. Chickens!

Across the Bridge again and through Beauty Point, Primrose Park, Cammeray, North Sydney, Cremorne Pt and over to Mosman.
I decided by body wasn't feeling great. Mainly the banged up hip and shoulder and cut the run short, heading back to Balmoral Beach again.

Total was 23ks in 2:00:56. Average pace of 5:25/k. Did I say it was an H4 course and was 96% humidity for most of the run? No, well it was.

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Ewen said...

Running with them sounds like good training for Christchurch. Just have to get used to 10 degrees and no humidity.