Sunday, February 28, 2010

Striders Equaliser 14k

This course is like the 'House of Pain' that the All Blacks inflict on the Wallabies in New Zealand every winter.
Starts at Belrose and you run down into the valley and across a creek of varying depths each year depending on the rainfall. This year it was about 2 feet deep.
Then run up hill to Lindfield and around a few roads before going back down into the bush and back across the creek again.
Then up the damn hill and a short stretch along the road to the finish.

Apparently I was beaten by 3 old farts called Blue Dog, Horrie and Dave! News to me. I've never heard of those hacks. I let them win it was the least I could do for their fragile trail running egos. The horror of being beaten by a road runner. They would have to retire!
But seriously my lack of training came out and the 3 boys just ran off into the distance, but funnily enough I think we all finished within a couple of mins of each other.

Total was 14ks in 1:09:19. About 1:30 outside my PB.
P.S No entry for Christchurch yet Ewen as I was waiting to see what happened at Canberra.


speedygeoff said...

It's all happening on 2 May, Marathon and Half Marathon, be there and go to Christchurch too, sounds awesome!

Dave said...

My fav run where I get to beat all those road nancies! Was surprised to arrive at the line ahead of Horrie and Dog though, hope his mum did not find out!