Wednesday, March 03, 2010

MLR 14ks

Ran from work over to Centennial Park and did a lap of the running track and then ran up to Moore Park Rd and back down Anzac Pde to work.

All up 13.7ks in 1:04:09. Average pace of 4:40/k. Legs didn't feel that flash today.

If Canberra is on after todays weird post on the CM website then I will do the 50k and then run the Half at Christchurch as I have already booked a flight. Or if I recover from Canberra well I may do the full as it is 2 months after Canberra. Decisions, decisions...


speedygeoff said...

Beats me.

Ewen said...

You know about as much as we do. The Women/Girls fun run is on 11 April, so don't know how that would fit if Canberra is revived.

I'm pretty sure about running Christchurch, so see you there.