Sunday, March 28, 2010

Iron Cove Bolter STaR 28ks

Written on the map as 29.5ks but I ended up with 28.5ks. Very humid this morning for the start at Drumoyne, with a run around the Bay Run and Timbrell Park and then across the Iron Cove bridge and back through Drumoyne, across the Gladesville bridge(steep hill), around Huntleys Point and Hunters Hill and then back across the Gladesville Bridge again, then through Russell Lea and Five Dock before doing part of the Bay Run back to the start.

Ran with Tom, Jo Cowan, Fats after a few ks, Silverfox and Shaun A. Fats and Tom got too fast before the Gladesville bridge so they went ahead. Maybe us doing 4:55/5:00 ks was a bit slow.
Shaun A and myself went the full distance back through the Sri Chinmoy racers.

Total was 28.5ks in 2:18:26. Average pace of 4:51/k. A bit too slow at the start but I was doing 4:15-4:20/ks for the last 5.

Is Sydney tropical?
Start 6:20am Temp 21. Humidity 92%. Finish 9:00am Temp 23. Humidity 82%.
No wonder it took me hours to get my body temp back down.


Ewen said...

You should have felt the humidity down here yesterday afternoon!

Luckylegs said...

No tropical climate here, Paul; you should move to the Southern Highlands for perfect weather all year round....except for Winter!

Have a happy Easter.