Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Orthotics are in

Had a phone call this morning to pickup the orthotics.
Had my 1 hr in them this morning and then have to do another hour tonight.
Apparently so your knee joints get used to the weird angle of your feet while you wear them.

I'll see what happens. Hopefully they work reasonably quickly, but I'm quite happy if they don't work fast. Anything has to be better than walking with a bad limp.

Wouldn't miss C2S again. Thanks for all the comments.


TokenFatBoy said...

Hey Flakey (It's Greg)

I sympathise with you. Had my scan today and have a little tear in the PF, and resultant swelling. Don't know how I made it through SMH Half.

I have also started using the orthotics again, after two years without them, it's better than not running (although, now that I have a calf tear as well they're not much good)

Just get used to them slowly, You will notice (Most likely) calf tightness because of the change in what happens post foot strike. Just keep it easy for a while.

Looks like you and I will be heading up the heavy heffers club at C2S. I've put on 2.5kg's in three weeks!!!! Maybe we can keep our A1 start if we try really hard - sub 75, maybe ;-)

Good to hear that you might at least be on the road to recovery. Stupid Running. Stupid feet. Stupid Legs. but I'm not bitter.

Tesso said...

Good luck with the orthotics. You may be surprised how quickly you get used to them.

Better start stocking up on our C2S brekky Flakes :)

Ewen said...

That's good. You've got about 6 weeks to get used to them :)

tlindop@tpg.co.au said...

Hey Paul, good to see you back and good luck with the orthotics, won't be long before your flying around again.Cheers Tim (timinerko)