Thursday, June 05, 2008

Injury update

Contrary to popular opinion. That would be Blue Dog's Mum. I am still around. Turning to fat though from too much chocolate eating and alcohol. Must be a good thing I reckon.
Except my neck gets fatter and the work shirts have trouble fitting, and now I have to loosen the belt.

Finally went to see a Podiatrist about my heal pain/plantar fasciitis. He had me run on a treadmill which I have never done before. Damn things are hard to run on without practice. Safe to say I looked like a complete git on the video.

He did workout that I pronate slightly but my neutral shoes I always use would be fine.
After that he made a mould of my foot to fit me with an orthotic to fix the pain in my foot. As I am anti-orthotics he said once the pain is gone I shouldn't ever need to use it again. Good!

He did reckon that I should give up the Asics racing flats and use the trainers instead as they had a bit more cushioning for my feet. I love the lightness of the flats but if it will help running in the trainers instead I'm all for it.

Have to go back to have them fitted in 7-10 days when they are ready. Hopefully I'll be right to run C2S. I'm entered anyway.


Rob said...

At least there is some light at the end of the tunnel Flakey. You will soon be on the come-back trail and before you know it you will be chucking those orthotics.

Horrie said...

Good idea to get rid of the racing flats. I got rid of mine after suffering PF pain in the C2S last year. Run all my races in the DS Trainers. Never had the PF problem since.

Jen_runs said...

That's promising news Flakey. I'm sure you'll be out of the orthotics in no time at all!

Ewen said...

Blue Dog's mum will be quivering in her boots because she knows you'll be once again thrashing young Bluey come summer.

See you at C2S :)

Tesso said...

I'm sure the orthotics will do the trick, sure did for me. Now I don't think I can get by without them, which isn't a problem because unlike you I'm not "anti-orthotics" :)

You'd better be ok for C2S, it just wouldn't seem the same without you (and your Flakes).

Spud said...

I wonder if some barefoot running might be of benefit (once you've healed that is). Great to strengthen the arches and foot muscles.
Least you have some direction now. All the best mate.