Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm up to 5hrs

That is wearing the orthotics each day. Supposed to add an hour a day until I run out of daylight I guess and wear them all day.
Can't really tell if they are working as yet. The pain seems a bit less sometimes, but then I get a shot of pain through the heal to remind me I have PF.

It's a long road.................


Ewen said...

I didn't think it was 5 hours running!

I guess each case is different, but I resumed slowly after 3 weeks of no running.

It is a long road - that's why we enjoy it :)

Tesso said...

Before too long they will seem so normal you won't even be thinking about them.

Rob said...

Hang in there Flakey. "bit less sometimes" does sound like a sort of improvement.