Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm Out of SMH Half

After running last night I have been limping around badly today at work.
I have decided not to the half on Sunday.

The foot just hurts too much to consider running on Sunday, even at a slow pace I would probably do some damage to my hip as I am not running with my natural gait.

Good luck everyone on Sunday.
I will be down there taking photos, so you better all look good at whatever speed you are running at.

The race isn't worth the long term damage!


Jen_runs said...

It s*cks I know but it is the right decision Flakey. Enjoy your time with the pom-poms ;-)

Ewen said...

Sensible decision Paul.

Re the PF... when I got mine, the cause was running sustained long hills, where I was running 'on my toes', so lots of speedwork where you're doing a similar thing, probably isn't the best in the recovery phase.

Don't worry about losing speed - you only need small doses to keep the fast-twitch active. A month or two without speed won't do you any damage.

Rob said...

A real shame Flakey. You certainly are having a tough time of it. It seems that only time and rest are going to help.

Tesso said...

Good to see you yesterday, even if it was only briefly. Damn that stupid PF, has to be the world's most annoying injury.

Spud said...

Bummer about missing SMH Flake, hang tight, you'll be back at it soonish hopefully.

Eagle said...

Be patient and come back fixed and stronger than before.

Ewen said...

No posts for a while mate. Are you still alive?

Luckylegs said...

Big surprise not to see you running SMH, Paul. I hope the injury has fixed itself by now.

I just have to see that photo of my shoes!

Anonymous said...


1 x big old cupboard for Lil' Bluey to hand put all his running trophies and medals in.

After he picked up a silver gong at the Homebush10k and another gold at the x-country at miranda .... well that was the last straw.

I told the lil bugger he'll either have to find somewhere to put all that stuff or start losing races. He said there is only one loser and that is ....well I think we all know who.

So does anyone have a big old cupboard they don't want?

Blue Dog's Mum.