Sunday, May 04, 2008

Palm Beach Sand Hills

After getting a tip from Blue Dog's Mum yesterday about running on sand I headed to my surf club this morning for some exercise.
It was a beautiful morning on the coast.
Ran from my surf club up to the only sand hill the beach has. It is nothing like Wanda. The Sandhill is used by the Kings School's football and rowing sides for punishment.
Plus the surrounding dunes did feature in a playboy spread of World Surfing Champ Wendy Botha in the 80's. And Home and Away is filmed on the beach. Enough crap!

The run up was 2 and a half k's I think and then I did half a dozen reps of the 100m sandhill. Who said running on sand was easy?
Then ran back to my surf club.
I don't know if running on soft sand was any easier than running on the road in shoes. Doesn't matter. It was good to get out for a run.


Tesso said...

Sooooo ... how did the foot feel?

Rob said...

Glad to hear your Dad is OK. These scares sure help to keep life in perspective. Suddenly a bung foot and a horror run take a serious back seat.

Ewen said...

Just like Herb Elliott eh?

Maybe switch to the mile... or find a soft-sand marathon :)

Eagle said...

Great news any running is always a pleasure when it has been taken away by an injury.

2P said...

Just don't get any of that sand where the sun don't shine - very disagreeable :)