Sunday, October 28, 2012

Striders Internal Half Marathon

Two laps of the notoriously hilly Striders 10k course with us doing Scribbly Gums hill twice up through the gate further than the 10k. Not fun.

Didn't have a good run. Legs still stiff and calves sore from the cramp at Melbourne.
Was given a dodgey handicap of 86mins which I never even get close to.

Garmin stopped at 1k for some reason and I couldn't get it to reset at all so had no idea of pace. Time was 1:36:36 so about average for me on this course. But it effectively sucks.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

North Head Trail Run 9ks

I have had issues with both calves since Melbourne Marathon where they both cramped up on me after 15ks so have not run since.

Went out this afternoon and so to avoid the tourist hordes of Manly Beach I headed up the trail on North Head and back. Great sunny weather today.

Sweating like a pig from my lack of fitness though. Total was 9.5ks in 49:50. Average pace of 5:14 per k. Quite slow on the trail and lack of fitness.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Melbourne Marathon 3:17:32

I had intended to do Melbourne after missing 3 weeks training in July had left me in my opinion short of some long runs to do Sydney. Hence the training in Sydney.
The sprained ankle at the start of October lead to no running at all with a weak muscle around my ankle not helping.
I arrived the day and saw Fats in the very long line for number pickup at the G. 50 mins later we both had our numbers. A word for all. Enter anything for Melbourne real early so you can get mail delivery.

Race started ok as I was able to start right behind the preferred(Fats) runners. The ankle was still hurting though which in hindsight I shouldn't have run, but hey I'm an idiot so continued on. Felt ok until the 15k mark when both calves cramped simultaneously. Never had calf cramps in a race before and don't want to have them again.

I figured keep running at a slower pace and try and get to the finish as best I could. Ugly splits after the first 10k but at least I finished so Blue Dogs Mum couldn't have a go at me. Good conditions with an 8 degrees start getting up to 22 by the finish and not much wind to speak of.

10k 42:41, 20k 44:14, 30k 46:11, 40k 52:24. A bit strange but they don't have a halfway split mat.
Finished in 3:17:32 for Marathon number 11.

I was 683 out of 6,232 which wasn't too bad with the cramp. Course is pretty flat save for a hill at 29ks and another about 35ks. I'll hopefully have another go next year.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Sprained ankle

Couldn't run on Sunday due to some work issues so headed off on Monday with the long weekend to Centennial Park.
About a k into the run I'm looking ahead going past a couple of runners and suddenly I'm on the ground with a heavily grazed left knee and elbow and a sprained right ankle.

Turns out I had not seen a bit of concrete on the ground and stepped straight on it. So no running for a while and Melbourne Marathon maybe in trouble. Lots of ice happening at present and the bandages on the left knee and elbow to stop the blood flow.