Sunday, September 05, 2010

Middle Harbour Picnic STaR 25ks

Started in Roseville and then proceeded across the Roseville Bridge after EJ caught up, then up the long hill to Forestville and then through a few back streets to then head down through the bush along Wakehurst Parkway to Seaforth.
From there it was across the Spit Bridge and we all decided to go short but using a different variation so ran along Spit Rd and Military Rd till we reached Golden Arches in Cremorne.
Then it was through Cammeray where the group started to drop me and across the bridge to Northbridge and up through Willoughby and North Willoughby to the finish at Roseville.

Good group with CT,PT,Tom, JB, Steve Hume, EJ and Jo Cowan running.

A very windy morning made it hard coming back the last 5ks into the North Westerly.
Total was 25.35ks in 2:03:17. Average pace of 4:51 per klm. The run was H4 on the Striders hill scale, so pretty heavy on the legs.

Happy Fathers Day Dads!

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Ewen said...

Great to see Jo Cowan still doing the long runs. Is she running Sydney?