Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back Injury

Apologies for not posting.
As you know I picked up a chest/head cold in the week before Sydney Marathon and as it hadn't cleared by race day I decided not to run. Bit of a bugger but if I can't breathe walking I can't breathe running.

Sunday morning I put the towel back on the rack after havong a shower and promptly twisted my back or pinched a nerve maybe. Had to get physio on it on Tuesday which helped it a bit but it is still very sore. This is the lower back which makes bending to put on clothes and sit etc.. very painful.

At the moment I may not bother with Melbourne Marathon either until the back pain eases. I am probably better off getting myself faster for track season instead. Have a few dodgey short PB's that need fixing. Mainly the 800m, 1500m, 3k and 5k.


Scott Brown said...

Sounds like a wise idea to concentrate on those short PBs SF.

And to put those races on hold for the sake of a long and happy running career ;)

nando said...

Shame about the back.

Your plan sounds similar to mine, concentrating on the shorter stuff. Look forward to doing battle against you around the track.

Ewen said...

I've had a few of those nerve/lower back things. There's a chance it could suddenly clear, so hold off on a Melbourne decision if you can.

plu said...

Just use the time to rest and refocus. Take care. PLu