Sunday, October 10, 2010

Surf Club Swim and Run

The back has had me out of action since before Sydney Marathon. Have had 3 physio sessions on it. Still feels like it is not strong enough to run. I had to get out at some stage and do some exercise before I turn to pudding again.

My Surf club had their first round of races this morning so I headed up to Palmie. The water was absolutely freezing. I think I left some body parts out there for the fish. Plus the surf was very choppy. We al went off scratch so I've fixed my handicap up for next round which will be off scratch again.

Decided against doing the board as it usually hurts the back without having a sore one before the race. The run was more like a 400m sprint up the beach around the toilet block and back to the finish. Came 2nd so saved myself from buying beers. Suspect next week my handicap will be stuffed for placing 2nd.

Beers and BBQ followed on the back lawn under shady trees. Always good! Might have to do some training this week as the Striders internal half is on Sunday, plus surf club races later in the morning.

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Ewen said...

400m on the sand sounds like a killer run. Worth it though to miss paying for the beers.

Don't let yourself go too much. Wouldn't like to see you looking like Bruce or Plu ;)