Sunday, October 17, 2010

Striders Internal Half Marathon 1:38:06

The dreaded Striders Lane Cove course gets doubled and then a bit further up the Scribbly gums hill added on twice.
Started with the 84 min handicap group of Shaun A, Mark and Sub50. Stayed with the boys till about the 2k mark when they slowly drifted off to run a lot faster than me.

Was consequently passed by all the faster runners starting later including Highwayman, Silverfox, Uncle Dave and Action.

Glad it was over. Finished 2nd worst over handicap time just beating Sportsman in. This is the 3rd time I have done this and have had an injury or getting over one each time. Just can't get it at a good time.


Dave said...

Good thing Blue Dog's mum was busy down along the Great Ocean Road, although I do hear that was tough going as well!

Ewen said...

Handicap runs aren't serious races Paul ;) Hopefully you'll be over the injury in time to hit some PBs on the track. It's funny, but 1:38 would be a dream time for me these days.