Sunday, October 31, 2010

River Run STaR 17ks

Thought the back was a bit better this morning so headed for the Striders STaR at Putney. I get to choose a hilly H3 course to come back on. Duh!

Only 5 of us this morning at 6:20. Started in Putney and then went down river towards Huntleys Point and then across to Hunters Hill, along a few bush tracks and then through the Field of Mars to get to Ryde.

At this point Jo Cowan and I both decided to do the short version. I wasn't keen on a long run with the back anyway. So we ran back down Lane Cove Rd to Morrison Rd and back to Putney.

Very humid 85% and 19 degrees during the run. Energy sapping stuff. Total was 17.1ks in 1:32:07. Average pace of 5:23 per klm.

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Ewen said...

I did quite a few runs in that neck of the woods in the '80s (living at Lane Cove).

You did well to hit the surf later. Sounds like it was too rough for the Great Whites.