Sunday, November 07, 2010

Run 4 Fun 10k

I'm on the no training plan for my races now. Doesn't seem to be working that well. The back has been sore so that is why this week.

The race was at Homebush around the Oylmpic area and finishing back inside the Stadium on the grass. The 1st 3ks was ok going through 11:40 from there it was all mud.
5k split as they had a mat(fairfax money) was 20:15. Finished off in 41:39. So a slow death march after half way. The right side back and consequent ITB and hamstring all felt sore during the race.

Good to have a race anyway. 6700 finishers. I had a preferred start(my first ever) so had to front up. The number goes straight to the pool room. Next week is State 3000m track race. Should be fun!

St Lawrence and Tamsett won the same as C2S.

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Ewen said...

You'll have to send the preferred start number straight to the pool room.

Tough second half. Well, tough from 3k on! Have fun in the 3000. I'll take a guess at 11:05.