Saturday, November 13, 2010

State 3000m Track Titles

I appear to be going backwards. Or maybe more people are running the 3k titles now? I used to run the E race and now I run the G race at about the same pace.

Tonight I was in the G race after giving them a 12mins default as my season best as I didn't want to be lapped when I was injured 2 years ago. They mucked up marking my name off so in effect I was not on the start list but was on the computer originally. After that start muckup we get the only shower for the night falls during our race, although very light.

Race went ok. 3:35 for the 1st k. Forgot to get the 2nd k and finished 7th out of 25 in 11:05. Average pace of 3:41/k. Beaten by three 14 year olds. Not happy.

Spent the rest of the night watching the ever quickening pace of the races, including Keith Batemans age World Record in the C race. Awesome run beating Tom and Tucks as well. Must be that soft Hurt Squad training.

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Ewen said...

You should stop promoting it on CoolRunning. 11:05 isn't too bad... would have got you 2nd place on Thursday night down here.

Yes, KB's race was amazing. Many a 40-year-old would be happy with that time.