Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easy 7ks

Colder than yesterday due to the wind. 3 degrees but with a 20k wind blowing. Should have run with the beanie as well. Ran from the seaport up to Boston Common and back. Total was 7.1ks in 34:22. Average pace of 4:50 per klm. Number for Monday is 1571 in case anyone wants to follow it. Corral 2 which starts at midnight monday your time. I'll try to run fast so you can go to sleep. Splits should be 21 min 5ks till the 25k mark which is about the start of the Newtown hills. Intend to attack the up hills and down after that and try and run hard to the finish.

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Ewen said...

Good luck Paul. Heard there's a tailwind forecast so the PB should be on. Say g'day to the girls up at
Wellesley for me.