Saturday, April 23, 2011

NYRR 4mile Central Park New York - 25:12

Conditions 44 degrees F, 93% humidity, wind 6mph and raining. Now that was cold this morning. Sorry Tim I couldn't convert to metric.

The calves were still a bit sore when I entered yesterday but I thought what the hell, can't beat a race in Central Park. Was a bit far back at the start as they gave me a number that meant you had to go in a certain corral for the start. I was in the first one but had about 400 runners in front of me which wasn't good. They have chips so the times were based on those only anyway.

The run started at 69th st in central park on the roads for those who know the park and went up to 102nd st before we turned and ran back down to about 65th st and came back to the finish near 72nd st. Good course not too many hills which was good. Very wet roads as it rained the whole time. Had to weave through a lot of runners which was very annoying hence the slow 1st mile and the quick 2nd mile trying to get my pace back.

My splits I remember in miles were 1m-7:00, 2m-13:10(6:10), 3m-19:32(6:22), 4m-25:12(5:40). Total was 25:12 for 4 miles or 6.4ks, (6:18 per mile), (3:56 per k).

Total runners 5144. There were 399 male runners in the 40-44 age group and I was 10th. I was 113th overall and 105th male out of 2779.
1st male was 20:01 and 1st female 22:20.
Did get a few strange looks considering I was running in shorts and the Striders Singlet.


Tim said...

Well Done Flakey, good effort backing up to run those times, Bit worried though you are talking im miles now and lets hope you don't come back talking all 'Yankee doodle dandy' language :)

Ewen said...

They've got you coming from Manly, USA. Bet the surf's not as good as we get in Manly, Australia.

Tim said...

Flakey, All very quiet on this blog since your Boston run (apart from an easy 4 miler) . Hope all is ok, are you back yet and will you be out at the Striders 10k next Saturday ?