Saturday, April 09, 2011

Hurry Up For Health 8k - 31:19 = 3rd place

In Washington DC. My first run since Sunday's Strider's STaR at Dee Why. Been doing plenty of sight seeining which means heaps of walking. Does that count as exercise in a taper? The race was at 5pm on Saturday. I think they have daylight saving. The course was along the C&O towpath which runs parallel to the Potomac river. It is crushed sandstone(I thought it was tar) along the waterway. Plenty of water puddles along the course as it rained most of Friday here. Not many doing the race from the looks of it. They only had 285 last year. Started off a bit fast doing the 1st k in 3:42 and the 1st mile in 6:07. It was 4 k out and back. Myself and another guy ran together for the 1st 4k with me leading basically and him just behind. After the turnaround he pulled away and I couldn't stay with him. The guy in 3rd came up and eventually went past me about the 5k mark. From there I held on to finish 3rd overall in 31:19. Time wasn't what I wanted but it was my 1st run for a week. Happy with the podium though.

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Ewen said...

Nice one Paul. Pick up any prize money? Cold and wet day in Canberra so you didn't miss much there.