Saturday, November 01, 2008

Narrabeen Track 1500m

After missing the Striders race this morning I headed up to the Academy of Sport at Narrabeen to run the 1500m they had on there. The track is surrounded by bushland and was quite springy to run on. Not as good as Homebush or Blacktown though.

This was a test to see how slow I could run since I haven't done a lot of training at all really lately. We had 20 males in our race raning from U17 to 35+. I think 9 of us were 40 and over.

I didn't take any splits at all. When you run this slow I don't really care what split I've done. Was 2nd last for most of the race. And shame of shames I was lapped by 3 runners in a 1500m race. I now have to run faster or just retire.

I managed to pass one runner during the last lap to finish in a PW of 5:41.18. Since my history of 1500m races is a huge three, with one being a relay I don't have much to work with.
Still managed to run 3:47 per klm, so I guess that is one good thing out of the race. I did a 2k warmup before the race and a 2k cooldown after.

So that is my warmup for a shellacking next week at the 3000m at Homebush. I'll be lucky to break 12 mins I reckon.


Ewen said...

Come on mate! Lift your game. Even my slug-like season's best of 5:38 is faster than that.

You'll break 12... but not 11!

Tesso said...

Gees, people have gotta stop complimenting Ewen ;)

Well done I say, sub 4 min pace always sounds impressive to me no matter how far one is running.

Anonymous said...

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

Moderate that.

Blue Dog's Mum.