Saturday, November 08, 2008

State 3000m Titles=PW

Fronted up at at the Homebush warmup track which has a good atmosphere as the crowd is close to the track.
My race was to be 6:50pm. Found out I was in the E race at 8pm with an F race before me.
I found out too late to change myself back to the F race. They took my PB which I am not inform to run at the moment.

Settled well at the back and ran around the track for 7 and half laps. Was this a race? Went through the 1st k in 3:45 and I thought I was trying to run slower. Managed to hold off the front runners until my 2.2ks and then get lapped. But only once and not by everyone.

Missed the 2k split. And finished in 11:43. A PW. Yeehah!

Stayed to watch the other races which just get faster and faster. Awesome to watch. Met a friend of Ewen's as well. Said Ewen ran 12:43 in Canberra tonight. I thought you were running faster?

P.S An apparently out of form TOM31 ran 8:51.06 doing a 2 sec PB. Well done mate.


Ewen said...

I saw the results - you would have enjoyed being in the F race - probably would have run a little quicker too.

I was actually 12:46. I'm still feeling tired from the two big mileage weeks (I hope). Still, don't think I'd run much quicker than 12 if I rested up.

Tom said...

Cheers mate and good to see you out there racing again. Will keep and eye out for you on Wed night.

Tesso said...

Good stuff at the 3000m. I'd kill for a PB the same as your PW.