Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Timbrell Park 8x400m reps

A bit windy down at the bay with a strong South Westerly blowing. Ran these reps from the CR6 mark back to the 1k mark in the park.
Ran into Horrie during my first rep. He was checking out the flat bay before he has to run up and down hills at GNW on the weekend. Good luck mate.

Reps were 75, 81, 81, 83, 82, 82, 80, 81. Did a 2min Jog recovery between each rep.
Always a dodgy first rep, and I was trying to be consistent.


Tesso said...

Dodgey ... but fast :)

Ewen said...

Nice. I was busting a gut to run 200s in 40 tonight.

Maybe don't run the first 400 of the 3000 in 75 ;)