Sunday, November 16, 2008

Worlds shortest long run 15ks

Jammed between work in the morning and early parents dinner I didn't have much time for a run. Managed to avoid any showers that were floating around the Eastern Suburbs. Very windy though with the Southerly blowing.

Ran around Centennial Park, Moore Park, SFS, SCG and Fox Studios and back home again. Managed to avoid flag waving Aussies and Fijians heading to the SFS for the RLWC Semi.

Total was 15ks in 1:09.37. Average pace of 4:38 per klm. Must have been a tail wind all the way. Yeah sure!

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Ewen said...

There are many advantages to short long runs... like not having to carry water; no need for sunscreen; not having to sleep all day afterwards; having more time in the day to do other stuff...