Thursday, November 19, 2009

ES Marks 4x1k Reps + 2x200m

Did a 2k warmup before starting. Not that I felt like doing it as it was humid.

Reps were 3:29, 3:30, 3:28, 3:33. All done with a 90 sec walk recovery. Bit hard to run fast with the strong sea breeze blowing.

Then did 2x200m reps. 31.55 and 32.10.

Did a 2k cool down to finish.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fairy Bower, North Head and Freshie 15ks

Ran from Fairy Bower up the hill to North Head and did the loop. Ran back down to the beach and ran along up to Freshwater shops and back home.

All up 15.03ks in 1:16.11. Average pace of 5:04 per klm.

Very windy with the north Easter blowing.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Darley Rd 12x210m Hill Reps

Very humid tonight made it tough going up and down the hill.
Plus the human traffic seemed to get in the way a lot more as well.

Did 12 reps of the hill with a recovery back down totalling 24 mins.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Surf Club Swim, Board, Run & Flags

Slept in this morning so no training with the Striders at all. Headed to my surf club instead to do some events.
Long swim as the tide was high at the time. Board paddle was good as I cam in 5th. The run was a bit heavy as there was no hard sand to run on with the tide up. Ended up 3rd in that.
As for the flags I think about 8th.

Then the obligatory BBQ and beers and sunburn. Ah a good Sunday.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

NSW 3000M Track Titles

Very hot out at Homebush at 6pm when we had to run the G race. Yes they got to 7 male races.
Settled in 18 out of 22 after the first 200m, the split start cones got in the way.

Went through 1k in 3:32 and 2k in 7:15(3:43/k) to finish in 10:54.06(3:39/k).

Better than what I expected but a fair way off the PB.

Easy Tiger ran better than Tiger Woods played golf today, running 9:12 to win his race as well.

Gregson won the A race in 8:00.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fairy Bower to the Duke and back 12k

Temp 21 degrees and 76% humidity.
Ran from Fairy Bower to the Dukes statue and back. Duke Kahanamoku surfs a wave outside of the Harbord Diggers RSL club above Freshwater beach.

Total was 12.39ks in 1:02.29. Average pace of 4:54/k. A few hills in this run doesn't help the pace at times.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ES Marks 3x1k Reps

Did a 2k warmup and then a few strides before starting. Very windy tonight around the track.

Reps were 3:32, 3:35, 3:24. All done with a 2min walk recovery.

Did a 2k cool down after finishing. Not sure how I managed the faster last rep.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Beachfront 12k

Pretty windy tonight with the Nor' Easter over 10ks an hour. Not fun running into it, but running with it was fast.
At least it wasn't as humid as Sunday. 20 degrees and 70% humidity when I started.

Total was 11.85ks in 54:42. Average pace of 4:36/k.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Edgecliff Excursion STaR 28ks

The former Vaucluse Variation STaR that moved from Vaucluse and then Rose Bay to now start at Edgecliff instead.
Basically we run through Edgecliff, Woollahra, Bondi, Waverley, Bronte, Glamarama passing the Sculpture by the sea exhibition along the coastal walk. It was packed with people very early this morning.
Then Bondi Beach, North Bondi, Dover Heaights, Rose Bay North, Diamond Bay, Watsons Bay turning at HMAS Watson to go back through Vaucluse, Rose Bay, Double Bay and back to Edgecliff to the finish.

Only two of us did the full course. CR Sloth and myself.
Total was 28.6ks with a dirty uphill finish in 2:26.20. Average pace of 5:06 per klm. Must have been all those stairs in this course plus the Hills.
Temp was 19 degrees and 84% humidity for most of the run. Spring in Sydney.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

2k Time Trial

I was chasing Tiger figuratively speaking but his PB is just too fast for me being 5:57.

I ran around the Bay Run to do this. Didn't help that it was raining and a strong southerly was blowing. Did a 2k warmup before starting.

1k in 3:35 and 2k 3:27 equals a 7:02. Much better than I have been running of late. Maybe I can hold on for another k at that pace next week for a PB. Not likely.

Did a 2k cool down back to the car.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Manly Beachfront 12k

A lot cooler than yesterday. With temps of 19 degrees but with 74% humidity and a 20k seabreeze blowing.
Total was 11.85ks in 57:59. Average pace of 4:53/k. Very slack. Anyway I was just cruising along tonight.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Darley Rd 10x210m hill reps

When I started the temp was 34.7 degrees. When I finished it was 33.1 degrees. Lucky it was getting dark and I was only running up and down a hill.

Reps were between 50-55 secs with recovery between 60-65 seconds back down.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Beachfront 12k

21 degrees and 80% humidity. Not nice to run in tonight. Lucky I had a bit of a breeze at times.
Ran along Manly beachfront. The crowds of people are getting worse as the twilight is getting later.

Total was 11.85ks in 55:02. Average pace of 4:38 per klm.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Surf Club Swim, Board, Run & Flags

No run this morning as I had a very late day at work with end of month so headed to my surf club to do some aquatic events.
Water was pretty warm.

The swim was pretty choppy due to the seabreeze blowing early. Finished that without drowning.
Went in the board paddle and came 7th getting myself some extra points.
The run was shortened but I still had a 15 second handicap. Managed to overtake most to come in 4th.
In the flags I went out early but still managed to come 7th, so some extra points as well.

Of course I got sunburnt but had a good post race beers and BBQ. All good!