Sunday, December 26, 2010

Quarry Road 25ks

Up to Stewart Ave at Hornsby for the annual 'Horries Quarry Rd Christmas Bash'. Although after Christmas this year.
We started at 6:30am and Dave and Uncle Dave and Horrie soon tore off down the hill being chased by Tropic Thunder and DJ Bleakman. I put Dave as the beer bet favourite on his form today.

Conditions were good in the rain on the 1st lap softening up the sand and hard sandstone under foot. About 40 runners out in total this morning starting from both ends.

Total for me was 25.45ks in 2:27:16. Average pace of 5:47 per klm. Slower than when I last did the run in 2006. Laps were 72 and 75 this time. Time on the legs was good for me anyway with Boston now 3 and half months away.

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Dave said...

Thansk for the vote of encouragement Superflake! A long way to go yet, but form is in right direction...