Sunday, December 12, 2010

Striders Christmas STaR and Brunch

Started at Haberfield Rowers and then across towards the Iron Cove bridge via Rozelle Hospital. Then through Drumoyne, Chiswick, Russell Lea, Abbotsford, Wareemba to Canada Bay.
Then back through Five Dock and Rodd Point to the Rowers again.

Short run somehow. Was supposed to be 20.3 by I ended up with 19ks. About a dozen of us running at 6:20 this morning. Total was 19ks in 1:29:24. Average pace of 4:42 per k. A bit slow at the start but I finished off with the last 4ks at about 4:12 pace.

Brunch after that at the Rowers for the yearly 10k and super series awards. Bone dry my cabinet this year.

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Ewen said...

My cabinet has been bone dry this decade ;)