Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sydney Marathon 3:22:23

The intention was originally to do the Half but after City 2 Surf I looked to enter and they only had C start available which would have meant having to run through a lot of people. So I decided to do the full and use it as a training run for Melbourne in October which is much flatter.

I had a B start which effectively meant 3:45 hrs and slower which suited me as I was intending to run at 4:40/k pace for the race and walk through the drink stations.

Race went fine doing my 4:40/k splits and drinking and chatting to anyone I knew on the course. The 3:30 pacers Action and SuperSam I passed in the middle of the harbour bridge so just kept them at bay for the rest of the race.

The half was done in 1:39:11 and 402nd place on the net time. From then on it was just a matter of maintaining my pace which felt quite easy which meant passing a stack of people to the finish even with being 3 mins slower in the 2nd half in 1:42:20. Finished in 291st spot.

Gun time at the finish was 3:22:23.  Was the most fun I have had in a Marathon as I was just doing the training run. I'm sure some of the runners around me were getting pissed off when I would walk through a drink station and then catch back up again.

Onwards to Melbourne which should be a bit quicker. Might need to be as I enetered Rotterdam and told them to put me in the sub 3 hr start of which there is 3 of them but they want recent 2011 onwards proof that I should be there.
Rotterdam is a bit funny considering this year only 500 people ran sub 3 hrs out of 7000 runners. Lonely at the top!

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Ewen said...

Good training marathon Paul. Melbourne will be at least 15 minutes quicker (if you don't talk too much during the race about how the Swans won the GF).

Yes, noticed that about Rotterdam. Very high quality at the top then a big gap.