Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Easy 12ks

Ran a slow 12ks around Centennial Park.

Slow going due to the strong Northerly wind blowing.

Had a fall on a tree root in the park just after starting my run. Not much harm done.

Ran 12.15ks in 1:10:03. Average pace of 5:45 per klm.

Have decided to not run the 10k on Saturday, the concrete won't help the stress fractures.

I will be turning up to help, so I expect PB's from all my readers.


vat_man said...

Heh - fall on a tree root at Centennial Park. Been there, done that, had the toe injury...

Won't be there on Sat, focussing on squad training for October so will be pounding up and down sandhills at Wanda Beach.

Good to see you coming back.

TA and the Gnome said...

Expecting PBs? We'll do our best, but no guarantees :-)