Thursday, September 08, 2005

.Mt Hutt Ski Report

Well the mountain was fogged in as I drove up a treacherous 14klm dirt road.
Due to the low cloud and fog I could only go at about 20k's an hr. Very scary road.
Makes the road up Mt Hotham seem like a freeway.

Conditions were crap, bad visibility, soft snow, dirt, rocks. The mountain would be excellent in a good season. The mountain hasn't had much snow this year.
God I love snow ski-ing.

Had fun anyway, the back of the legs copping a pounding from the chairlift seats.

Road down was even worse after the days ski-ing. An idiot in a 4wd up my arse.
And I could see at best 5metres in front of me, and this road hardly fits two vehicles on it passing each other. Not fun.

And no problem with the recovering stress fracture.


Gronk said...

Take take down there SF. Those roads sound dodgy.

Good to see the leg is holding up to all that activity.

See you soon. Gronk :)

miners said...

Didn't think you would find time for blogging while you're over there! Hope the conditions get better for you - I konw full well how bad the road from Methven up to Mt Hutt can get. 2 French skiers parked their 4wd a little too far off the edge of the road the day that I was there and were found DOA at the bottom - seriously.

Hope the rest of the trip is good to you - and hope you'll be running as well as you're ski-ing soon enough