Sunday, September 25, 2005

.SMC 10K

Arrived just after to 7 am to a quite humid Smithfield this morning.

My first actual race without injury since Sutherland to Surf late July.

Met up with O Runner, Vat_Man, Horrie and Sarge before the 10k.

Vat was running the 5k and ended up coming 2nd.

I started with Horrie and managed to run almost all the whole 10ks on the grass edges.
Grabbed a drink and walked through all the 3 drink stations. The fitness was not there for this race but the plan was to do it without having pain in my legs. At present so far so good.

I got out to the 5k in 24:40 and arrived back at the finish to stop the clock at 49:01. Actually a PW for a 10k but that is expected. Just took the run slow and gave support to everyone who ran past in the half race and the 10k and the way back.

Met up with a few more CR's after the race including Uncle Dave(2nd in the half in 79:xx) and Papa Luigi fresh from a 5k PB yesterday, Blue Dog, Professor, Bernie G,Eagle, Gnscon and Colin.

Felt ok but still undecided on when to start pushing myself hard again, especially on the hard tar or concrete.
And the three fireys picked up lucky drawer prizes. Rigged!


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Horrie said...

It's good to see you get through a 10km race without pain Flake. Just keep running at a sensible pace and don't rush it. You will be back in business before you know it.

Spud said...

The Flake is back, well on the road back anyhow. Good to see you out there mate. Shame about the lack of grassy verge though. Nice and easy mate...

AuntyK said...

Hey Flake,

Thanks for the pic from the Syd Half... not sure if i'm happy or not?

I felt like you with not knowing when to push it or not, particularly after your injury. It is a fine line, and you don't want to go backwards, so just take it very easy, and the body will know when it's ready to get back to it's former glory :)

BTW - what is wrong with 49min's for 10k????? welcome to my group.

Cheers, K