Monday, September 12, 2005


With Mt Hutt almost having no snow. Base of 25cms.
I booked a heli-ski-ing day.

Started from a farm in the Rakaia river Gorge.

Snow was pretty soft as it definitely into spring ski-ing conditions now.
5 runs done with a 11,000 ft vertical for the 5.

On one of the drop offs with the helicopter I got out onto the snow ledge which turned out to be a bit icy.
On stepping out and moving along the edge my ski boots slipped and I was down on my face attempting to stop myself sliding down the slope.
I attempted to dig the gloves in to stop but they wouldn't grip and I turned over onto my back as I slid over the edge of the summit we were on.
Discovering that I had a 20ft drop into the bowl below and a further slide of about a 100feet.

Many non manly screams were heard as I attempted to stop myself.
No harm done physically. Only sheer terror as I hurtled over the snow lip and into what as I had not seen what was below.
The helicopter pilot told the guide I went over the edge as he had not seen me. No camera's captured the moment unfortunately.

It was a great day apart from that. Brilliant sunshine and warm temps.


Tesso said...

Holy guacaomole!!! Scary stuff. Don't suppose you had your heart rate monitor on - it probably would have exploded :-)

Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

vat_man said...

..and people wonder why I don't ski...

Gronk said...

SF, your a looney. Gronk :)