Sunday, September 04, 2005

First run back-6ks

Out this morning about 9 am. Very cold wind, ran in a beanie for the first time ever. Most likely never again. Sweated too much.

Ran around the golf course on the grass where I'm staying on my holiday.

It was a very laboured run as I have had a cold since Tuesday which effected my breathing straight away.

Had to avoid a few suspicious magpies swooping at me. Must have been that Striders singlet.

Did a full reconnaisance of the course and the driving range, and had to stop and let a few golfers hit off.
Set some cows off in a neighbouring paddock who thought I was running to open the gate. Set off a stampede.

Ran 6.02ks in 39:37.5. Average pace of 6:34 per klm.
No evidence of any problems with my leg so far. Quite happy with that.


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Ingrid said...

Superflake, great news that you are given the all Ok for running and skiing!!
Make sure you keep us updated on the snow conditions in NZ as well.
Have a great time!

Gronk said...

Yeeehaar ! Way to go SF. Great to see you running. Gronk :)

Jen_runs said...

That is great news 'Flake!! Good to see you running again. Jen

AuntyK said...


This is good news!!

Take it easy & you will be back better than ever. Actually, we need you back as you have to get one up on the Dog.

BTW - Blue Dog's Mum has been a little quiet lately??

Cheers, AK

Martin said...

Great news that you're back running mate, just take it easy on the come back, I've learned this year you can turn things around really quickly in a few months, so hopefully by November SS 10K, you'll be back to your best.

Gnscon said...

So what's it been 5, 6 weeks tops. That's a pretty short time to be out with a SF considering you've only been not running for 4 weeks. Take it very easy is my advice, if it's not right and you start it running again in ernest you'll be out for a couple of months.

BTW Was the doctor that OK'ed you for skiing the same one that said you didn't have an SF?

I do really hope everything is OK and you'll be back out there at some stage soonish. Maybe I can even beat you in a short race.

Blue Dog's Mum said...

"6:34 per km".

That just about says it all.

Did you get overtaken by any snails?

Horrie said...

Good to see you back out there again Flake. I'm sure you will be back better than ever in a little while. Just build up slowly mate as we don't want any relapses.