Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Is that long enough for very very happy.

Saw the DR today and he said I was ok to snowski, which means I am ok to start running again.

Yes, I know start all over again very slowly.

I think I will be doing personal worst's for a while.

Thanks everyone for your advice and support over the last couple of months, I'm very grateful.

Found a Pfitzinger return from injury program that looks ok to use.

I might try and run a bit in NZ as we are staying on a golf resort, so the grass runs will help.


Dave said...

Good news indeed Flake, enjoy the snow, grass running sounds sensible.

Jen_runs said...

Great news Flake! Enjoy your holiday and take things easy.


Professor said...

Fantastic news Flake - I'm sure the Dogs' shakin' in his shoes already....

Have a great break, yeah wish I was there!


Horrie said...

Good news Flake. Make sure you stick to the program and don't do anything silly.

Spud said...

Good to hear Flake, I'm sure you're hanging to get out there again, take it easy mate.

Blue Dog's Mum said...

"You're kiiiiidddddiiiiiiing"

Is that long enough for 'unbelievably stupid'?

So you are going to run again.

Pauline, face reality.

Long distance running:-
Hello!!! Earth to Pauline..??
Simple as that.

Your body cannot handle it.

Just like the chocolate bar you take your name from,: "Flake"... you crumble and go to pieces as soon as pressure is applied, and it gets messy.

Please realise that not running isn't the end of the world Pauline: there's plenty of other sports suitable for fragile
people like yourself.

Perhaps you could-

1/ play totem tennis
2/ buy a yo-yo
2/ get a hula-hoop

Or for an extreme sport, perhaps try a pogo-stick?

Just trying to help, Pauline.

Luv, Blue Dog's Mum. XXX

TA and the Gnome said...

Hey flake - forget the running for the moment. Concentrate on skiing! One thing at a time :-) :-)


Johnny Dark said...

Looking forward to seeing you hitting the bitumen again real soon Paul.