Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Bone Scan

Went to Prince of Wales Hospital for the bone scan today.

It showed that I had a low grade stress fracture in the distal left tibia postero-medially.

Also showed that there is a small area of tracer accumulation on the posterior aspect of the right tibia, most likely due to a prior stress fracture.

I do remember have a feeling like I was kicked in the shin but I can't remember when, possibly last six months, but it went away after a couple of weeks. Obviously not as bad as the left leg.

Now just have to see the Doctor about when I can do any running or snow ski-ing for that matter.


Gronk said...

Bummer mate. Chin up. :)

Johnny Dark said...

As suspected eh Paul :-(

Hope it doesn't place too many restrictions on your upcoming NZ holiday.

Keep us posted.


Horrie said...

Need to just chill out and just enjoy yourself Flake. (Pun intended)

Take the recovery easy and you'll be back in no time. When Belinda couldn't run for 7 weeks, it felt forever but she has now been back running for 4 months and feels as though she has never been away from it.

Eddie said...

My goodness Super! It sounds awfully serious. The Dr would have to write all that down for me cause I would never remember it all. I would probably just have to say stress fracture.

Luckylegs said...

Now would be my chance to challenge you to a race, Superflake! Nup, you'd still win! Get better sooner rather than later.

Ingrid said...

Hi superflake,
Good luck with visit to the Doc.
keep us up to date with your recovery.

Ewen said...

That's bad news SF. Do the full rehab thing with stressies and you'll be back better than ever. Keep some sort of aerobic exercise going if you can - swimming's good, also 'water running'.